Running start

15 July, 2012
Rat Fink


J’ever just hit the floor running from a dead sleep? I haven’t done it in years, until this morning. I’m comatose, and suddenly, a white, puffy puppy (we’re entertaining — and being entertained by — Drago, while BFF Kay and Bob are in Chicago for the weekend) jumps up and says, “OK, I’m ready — take me outside NOW!” *wagging tail thrumming body crazy miniature canine playful growl*

So I’m like whooooa, git up, and hit the carpet. Barefoot, even. And those who know me know I *never* walk about the house with no moccasins on. The Thriller must have noticed the bizarre state of things, too, because he said to me from the kitchen while I had dogs outside, “Good morning — I brought your phone downstairs.” HA. I’m rarely without that thing, either.

I’ve never been a person who “needs time” in the morning. I can get out of bed, go down and make coffee, and have a conversation if I need to. I like my quiet time, no doubt, but I don’t go all Linda Blair if someone needs to talk to me before 7 a.m. (Truthfully, I think the whole “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” is a lame crutch; an excuse to be mean and get away with it.)

Speaking of time in the morning — gotta go make the best of it. Still much to do, and on today’s menu: choir music for school. Goin’ shoppin’, goin’ shoppin’…always fun with someone else’s money.  :mrgreen: Then there’s the Sunday Big Three tonight: True Blood, The Newsroom, and the premiere of the final season ( :-( ) of Breaking Bad. Wahoo!

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15 July, 2012 9:22 am

What a C U T I E! I’m not much for small dogs (< 50 lb), but he's a real doll! Currently looking for a sister for my Golden – may get another Golden or a Lab retriever.

I'm one of the fortunate few who does not have to get up in the morning until I wake up – that is unless I have a Sunday morning gig. That's okay though – making up for the years and years of 4:00 AM alarms, 12-hour shifts, weekends, holidays and on-call. Leaving all that hooie to the young and inexperienced. :P



Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks
15 July, 2012 10:03 am

There are times when I can get up and be fully functional within a minute or so and other times when it takes at least a half an hour before I really know whats going on. If there is anyone around who tries to engage me in conversation the only thing I can do is a lot of of “uhhhs” and “yeah”. I guess probably a good time to get me to agree to something. BREAAKING BAAAAAAAD!!!! I would like to be able to wait until its all released (the half season anyway) so that I can sit down and… Read more »

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks
15 July, 2012 3:21 pm

No I’ve seen all of Breaking Bad…at your recommendation! Its the best tv show I’ve ever seen. I was just thinking it will be frustrating to watch the new season one episode at a time…so I may wait until its all released.

I say yes to both of those ideas. Breaking Bad start to finish sounds the best. And the cooking!