RNF, Knucklehead Edition

13 July, 2013
Rat Fink

It’s one of those mornings when only an IV fulla caffeine works.

I can’t locate the video I saw last night on an entertainment magazine show, but people are going kookoo for Twinkies. There was more news coverage in the US about that than [insert really important, newsworthy item here]. Oh, America, America. Your class is world-class. Haha


The Thriller and I like to laugh at the SyFy Channel movies — especially the scriptwriting. My favorite line from the Sharknado trailer? We’re gonna need a bigger chopper.

Tara Reid, John Heard? I just might have to catch this one. Get it? Catch a shark? Hey, I know someone who did that once, but I can’t find the picture of it to save my life. Nuts, I hate that. Edit: Here is a small version of the photo. :-) I had to prove to my students that I really did it.


And did you see this? Oy. How this ever got past a producer is something I would openly ask about if I were the station manager. And they say an intern did it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t interns generally want to turn into full time employees, and if not at that particular station, at some station where they might need a reference from the interning location? *scratching head*


But hey, it’s the weekend, so little things can stay little. The Js come for an overnighter tonight, then we’re off to Bob & Kay’s tomorrow. Hopefully there’ll be time to stop and see Mr. A (grandson #3) before the weekend’s out. Now that there’s some big stuff, lemmetellya. Enjoy yours this weekend, hear?

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13 July, 2013 11:50 am

What are Twinkies?


Rat Fink Reply:

Shyeah RIGHT!!! Haha


13 July, 2013 12:23 pm

I used to love Twinkies. You always leaned more toward chocolate stuff. I certainly wouldn’t storm Wally for them, though! I heard on GMA this morning that they’re talking sequel to Sharknado. It’s just as ridiculous as storming Wal Mart for Twinkies! :-/ ReplyRat Fink Reply:July 13th, 2013 at 12:27 pmA sequel to Sharknado?? I swear, it’s going to be one of those things where every celebrity in the world wants to have a cameo in it, just so they can say they were in it. I think the premise is so outrageous, it’s like The Hangover — it’s turning… Read more »

14 July, 2013 2:08 am

You caught a shark??? Why and when? Is that Sharknado a REAL movie????? I bet all the best bits are in the trailer. I think I’ll pass. Hope you are having a grand time with the boys. Saw the pics on Facebook <3 ReplyRat Fink Reply:July 14th, 2013 at 10:23 amAnd yes, Sharknado was a real movie! Haha ReplyRat Fink Reply:July 14th, 2013 at 9:19 amI did catch that shark! We were fishing for sailfin catfish in the Indian River (the whole thing is about 4 – 5 feet deep), and I felt an enormous tug on my line. I… Read more »