Right, well…

4 February, 2013
Rat Fink

  1. Frowny McFrownermanThe 49ers didn’t win, which puts all things right with the world, and with all loser Browns fans (sarcasm). The only upside is that, hopefully, now that he has his final ring, Ray Lewis retires. Onward.
  2. It’s Monday, and I snoozed the alarm too many times. Now it’s a rush, and I don’t feel like hurrying.
  3. I saw all three of my grandsons yesterday (yay!), but didn’t get the choreography done for tomorrow night’s rehearsal (boo). Oh well. Something to take care of between the end of school today and my parent meeting tonight.
  4. I’m leaving Thursday morning for a convention in Columbus. I wish I were more excited about it. My students, however, will undoubtedly be over the moon. :-)
  5. But my fruity-spinachy-delicious smoothie sure tastes good this morning. Thank you, Ninja. (You all really need to get one of these.)

Happy day, fiends — go get ’em!

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4 February, 2013 8:49 am

Hey Lady – you must send me more information about this Ninja of yours. All my ninjas are of the feline type. Looks like just the ticket for me as smoothies are part of my morning routine as well. I realize I’m a little slow on the uptake, but I just figured out that the Stupid Bowl is not about the game, really. It’s an excuse to get together with good friends and family. Kind of like Thanksgiving. As for me, the time in the sewing room was well spent as I have a new !*sparkly*! bracelet to wear. Whee!… Read more »

5 February, 2013 9:49 am

Are you off to OMEA? I thought I read something in a AU email blast about it coming up soon & there being some sort of alum thing. Wish I could go, believe it or not!!

Safe travels & have fun! XOXOXOX


Rat Fink Reply:

Yes I am! I also got the email about the reception…not sure if I’ll go or not. Doing a lot of what you call “booth babe” work. :-) If you were going, we’d go together!