Give this man a job.

5 January, 2011
Rat Fink

One of my former students posted a video on Facebook last night. I usually don’t click on every vid link I see, but this one is unbelievable. Behold:

From what I understand, the video has gone completely viral, so you’ve probably already seen it. If Hollywood doesn’t come calling for this guy’s pipes, they’re nuttier than I thought. Apparently, Columbus may be helping him soon.

What I wouldn’t give for a vox like that!

What I wouldn’t give to have slept last night…yark.


  1. I am not sure but I *think* I just heard on the Dutch news that he has gotten a job inOhio somewhere??? As a sports announcer??

    • Well it was on the Cleveland news a couple nights ago that the Cavaliers approached him with a job offer. We’ll see!

  2. Having been in drug rehab with people who frequently used to ‘fly signs’ I can say that if he doesn’t get a job don’t worry too much about him- even without the gimmick, they generally don’t do too badly.

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