Yellowstone/Grand Teton

8 July, 2011
Rat Fink

“Sensory overload” would just about explain it. We enjoyed so many hours of continuous incredible beauty yesterday, by the time we got to Jackson, Wyoming, we were almost too tired to have dinner and shop. Almost. :-)

We took the driving tour through Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. We were on the lookout for bears, elk, and other wildlife, and lucked out in some areas. While we didn’t see any bears, we did see elk, mule deer, and this guy:

Relaxing all by himself in a meadow
One of dozens of beautiful mountain streams - lotsa trouts in there
Tranquil lake, 8000 feet up on the Continental Divide
The magnificent Teton range

I took 78 photos, so you can imagine how carried away I could get with posting them…but you get the idea. We traveled the entire north-south trail, and saw some of the most breathtaking natural wonders on earth. We need to go back when we can stay longer. We won’t, however, be hiking.

Only because we got an insane AAA deal a few months ago, we stayed in ritzy playland Jackson last night. What a hoot! Great place. And I finally got my Jackson Hole sweatshirt.

We’re off to Nevada today, to a town we’ve never visited. I did a search on perhaps going to see a movie tonight, but there’s no theater within a 50-mile radius. HA

Guess it’s a good day to hit the Wally and do the laundry. Happy Finkday all!

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