Well, boo hiss.

25 June, 2011
Rat Fink

First bit of bad news on the Odyssey front.

We’re staying at the gorgeous K Bar S Lodge near Mount Rushmore over the 4th of July, and I just read this morning that they have canceled their huge fireworks show at the monument because of fear of wildfires. Bummer. And the weather is supposed to be gorgeous. Oh well. I understand completely.

The second bit of potential bad news involves the endangered health and welfare of the body shop people if they dink around and end up not getting their shoddy work corrected before Wednesday. There Will Be Blood.

We managed to get everything laid out in suitcases last night. The pre-launch preparations have begun. New GPS maps are downloaded, paper and mail are scheduled to shut down, and Lars and Simone are scheduled to babysit the homestead during the coming weeks. Rousseau is farmed out to BFF Kay and Bob’s for the duration, and we’re at the point where the only things in the fridge are what we plan to actually eat or drink over the next few days.

Am I forgetting anything?

What’s on everyone’s weekend list? Anything fun?

Photo: Chad Coppess, Dakotagraph
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25 June, 2011 9:52 am

Body shop? Did you have a little boo-boo with the car? I must have missed that one! You guys are going to have SUCH a blast on the trip!! I’m bummed for you & the fireworks as well, but totally understand the fire safety hazard. We’ve FINALLY gotten some rain down here that’s helped with our wildfire problems. So it’s off to walk the dogs, then get ready for rehearsal @ church. I’m playing the offertory tomorrow at both services (with BV on guitar) – doing a reprise of Avalon’s “Testify to Love” as an instrumental Tonight “Deuce” has a… Read more »

25 June, 2011 12:48 pm

Bummer about the cancelled fireworks on the 4th. You’ll still have a great trip. I’m praying for the body shop people that they get their act together post haste Otherwise, there will be “fireworks” right in our home town! Please don’t for get your camera. I’m looking forward to pictures every day! Today, I’m finishing prep for tomorrow, mowing MY yard (instead of someone else’s). With all of the rain, it’s turning into a hay field. This afternoon we’re off to Smithville to attend the 50th wedding anniversary of long time friends. 5oth anniversary — those people must be old!… Read more »