We all go a little mad sometimes.

3 June, 2011
Rat Fink

Thanks for the affirmation, Norman Bates. (In an age of computer generated images enabling filmmakers to present a realistic show of ripping off people’s heads or running them over with trains, this scene is a refreshing reminder of the emotions real acting — no FX involved — can generate. If you are not at least a little creeped out by the pure psychosis Anthony Perkins exuded with just his facial expressions, you are not human.)

OK. I sense madness in the coming weeks. Too many uncertainties. One good thing, though — I’ve made some snail’s pace progress on the Backyard Reclamation Project. To clarify: we are reclaiming our back yard from the overgrowth, weeds, critters, and scary green things. Behold the initial evidence (sorry about the “after” shot lighting — I took it at dawn):

Before and after (clicky)

I hated that half dead wild rose bush anyway. It was like the Thing That Eats Worlds. But a few dianthus, petunias and marigolds, along with a Minuteman hosta plant on the far end spruced things up nicely. Oh, and don’t forget the garage paintover. I couldn’t move my arms for two days.

So what’s in store for you this weekend, my lovely fiends? Anything fun planned?

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3 June, 2011 9:53 am

A great improvement to the garage & flower bed! Good for you! (well, not the “…couldn’t move my arms for 2 days…” part). As for me, lots of home music studio time working on my CD project, balanced with some pool time. Chamberlain’s on Sat night of course. And maybe a little early b’day celebration dinner at Kathleen’s Sky Diner & Art Cafe (http://www.skydinerdallas.com/joomla/index.php) where they have the YUMMIEST cakes & pies on the dessert menu (yes…gives Chamberlain’s a run for their $$) OK, and maybe some fun with my new iPad 2 **SMEWCH** B ReplyRat Fink Reply:June 4th, 2011… Read more »

3 June, 2011 5:49 pm

The backyard and garage look much, much better. I’ll have to eyeball it in person sometime–maybe when I’m out for a bike ride. Hope your arms have recovered well from the painting. I know these projects require a lot of energy and result in some sore muscles. Last summer I painted the exterior of our house. Some of it required being high on a ladder. Standing on it got to my legs. Yesterday I cut down an oak tree in our back yard and a dead lilac tree. I felt like a small time Paul Bunyan. I’ve also planted grass… Read more »