Washington III

26 June, 2013
Rat Fink

Our last day in Washington was nice and relaxing. We didn’t see anything super-special; rather, we ate breakfast, got showered, took off for Chehalis, and got stuff done.

We made a stop at Wally for cooler supplies, spent 90 minutes at the laundromat, had a nice lunch at Taco Del Mar, then caught a matinee of World War Z at the local movie theater. It was a totally stress-free day.

On the 70-mile return drive, we stopped and took photos of a herd of elk, grazing in a meadow after a hard rain.

Nope. No elken presence here.

We have yet to see the elk that are supposed to walk about every day outside our room window. We’ve seen, um, evidence that they’ve been there, but other than that, no go.

Still, we watch. Still, they laugh.

OK, today, we’re off to the Portland area. The plan is to see the Tillamook Dairy (yummy — I shall purchase cheese) and the Columbia River Gorge before heading for our hotel in Government Camp, just outside Mt. Hood National Park. More beauty coming our (and your) way. How fun!

Unfortunately, we’re looking at rain, rain and more rain over the next few days. But hey, it’s the Pacific Northwest, right? Something else I find amusing:

I wonder how long the local TV weather guys have included the town of Forks on their daily forecast maps. Haha to them if it’s just been over the last few years. Seriously?? (If that means nothing to you, you’ve obviously not read any of the Twilight books, or seen any of the movies. It’s OK — not a big deal. :-) )

So off we go! It’s been real, Washington. Loved it. And of course, I heart all my fiends for coming to read about our silly little Odysseys. Hugs to you all.

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26 June, 2013 11:12 am

What a great way to spend your last day in Washington! I laughed so hard when you mentioned “Forks”. Have a safe and fun travel day. I hope the weather turns good for you! Oh, Will you see any waterfalls at Columbia River Gorge? If so, make sure and snap a picture! Love you guys! ReplyRat Fink Reply:June 26th, 2013 at 1:01 pmI’m sure we will see some falls today! I also hope the weather cooperates. Right now, traveling south on I-5 towards Portland, it’s just overcast and 65 degrees. It was raining when we left Packwood at 8:30, but… Read more »

26 June, 2013 11:36 pm

How many cheeziz did you give “Z”…???


Rat Fink Reply:

I think it deserved a solid three cheeziz, simply for the decent storyline (as far-fetched as it was). Again, zombie movies are not really my style. I could never get into The Walking Dead, as much as I wanted to! If you like TWD, you’ll like this one. Worth it!