6 November, 2010
Rat Fink

Hmmm. Head scratcher.

I’m meeting with my girls today for an extra tap rehearsal to try and figure out what made the wheels fall off at the beginning of “Broadway Rhythm” last night.

Is that obsessive? Should I just let it go? Aren’t they just high school kids doing their best? Yes, probably, and most definitely. But….I do obsess a bit, and frankly, they’re miffed, too. They were not happy with how the first 4-measure tap break, um, broke. HA

So the day is filled with stuff. Rehearsal at 11, actors’ call at noon, show at 2, break for meal (my absolute favorite part of the day — drop dead delicious homemade homestyle goodies — eeeyummy), show at 8, strike, drive home, collapse in the bed, think about Dinner Theatre music.

Then I get to see Justin and Jake. :-)

OK, time for coffee, shower, and the road to Greenwich-town. We’ll get this thing figured out yet.

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6 November, 2010 10:16 am

Your key words are “They were not happy”. I’m sure they want to know what happened and how to fix it. No, you should not let it go. Blowing it off could be interpreted as not caring, and I know you do and they do too. I have found that if you set the bar high, kids will do what it takes to clear it. You have obviously done that. Last night some of them fell short and they feel badly so help them get back up to par – set them up to succeed. ( I know I’m preaching… Read more »