Various & Sundry XLIII

6 April, 2013
Rat Fink

Wow, this morning I woke up with a start, looked at the clock, and freaked. IT’S 6:47!!!!!!!! I’M LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!

Oh wait. It’s Saturday. Heh. Oy, it’s been a long week…

I’ve spent a lazy part of the last 90 minutes just reading and drinking coffee. It’s time to git bizzy, but not before I share some various and sundry tasty morsels. Behold:

  • I didn’t know I needed a personal brand in order to be awesome. But she really does make some sense when she says that people don’t necessarily remember what you say, but rather, they remember how you made them feel. Hmm. Food for thought. Food. Food? Be right back.
  • *munch munch* What a beautiful tribute by the late Roger Ebert to his wife, Chaz.
  • This shouldn’t surprise anyone.
  • Ooo, these are next. :-)

All right, time to get up and get at it. At least it’s Saturday and I’m not late for work.

I had a funny discussion with Stoney and some students this week, on several occasions, about weird, recurring dreams. Have you had the one where your teeth fall out? Or the one where you’re onstage in front of a huge audience, and you haven’t a clue what your lines are, or what the show is, or why you’re there — but you’re the star and you’re “on” and you’re completely unprepared? Yeah.

OK — for rill. Time to go. Happy weekend to ya!

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6 April, 2013 10:41 am

I have a recurring dream that I smoke cigarettes (just the thought makes me sick!) THEN my teeth fall out. What’s up with that??


Rat Fink Reply:

Now that’s a new one, Lori — but Mavis is right — and it can even make your money fall out. Right out your billfold!


Mavis Reply:

Believe me, Lori, cigarettes CAN make your teeth fall out!


6 April, 2013 12:23 pm

I already know how awesome you are, you don’t need a brand, kid. :-) Although, you ARE known as the best baking Bird around!!! ;-)


Rat Fink Reply:

Haha thanks, Mavis! We’ve been known to make a great baking team!

Hey, remember this TV show? Funny how your comment reminded me of it…I don’t even know what the guy did, but I just remember watching it and feeling bad that he was humiliated in front of all those men. HA — weird memories!!!