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12 October, 2008
Rat Fink

  1. Have you heard about this? Or is the commenter correct in suggesting the writer take an early retirement? (Me no likey Boston anyhow, for myriad reasons.)
  2. If I lost $3 million from my NBA contract and was suspended for 30 games for this reason, I’d consider lying about it, too.
  3. I have a friend who swears that monogamy is a misguided and unnatural convention. Now I read this in the Times book review. Hmmmm.
  4. This is an opera I’d like to see.
  5. In a Reuters story, the question was asked: What are you doing to deal with the financial crisis? Some guy wrote, “We are eating out less, delaying capital purchasing, planning less [sic] and shorter vacations, reducing gifts at holiday time, wearing older cloths [sic] and not replenishing wardrobe, washing my own car, cutting our own lawn, raking our own leaves, cleaning our own gutters, painting ourselves instead of hiring a painter, consuming more leftovers…” Gee. Wonder if he’ll be able to handle slumming in its most insipid form. You know, taking 4-day weekenders instead of 2-week vacations, mowing his own lawn, doing his own leaf-raking ‘n stuff…man, life can be brutal.

Sheesh. Now I’m just making myself mad. Gotta get to the Power Pointing. If anyone is an Excel wizard, I need to analyze some data on a Likert scale. Any takers? But first, I have to leap off this skyscraper…


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12 October, 2008 11:35 am

I used to teach Excel back when I was working at Software Academy and New Horizons here in Dallas (as well as PowerPoint). I’m happy to help (if i can). RE: #5 – the guy probably drives an H2. Have you ever tried to share a street or parking lot with one of those? Holy crap! More importantly, WHO NEEDS a Hummer?? They’re gas guzzlers & don’t play nicely in normal traffic & parking situations because they’re so blinkin’ huge! The type of people who buy/drive those are exactly the type of right wing-NUT conservatives who only care about themselves… Read more »

12 October, 2008 8:03 pm

My fave part was the “painting ourselves”. Hmm…Maybe it’s just a lack of sufficient sleep on my part, but should people really be painting themselves or even hiring someone else to paint them?

BoomR – Speaking of painting….I’m a right-wing nutjob/evil conservative who drives a clown-car sized vehicle that gets 35 MPG, is a rabid recycler, and *doesn’t* think I’m Christ-like….let’s not paint all of us with the same brush. Like Fink says, yer scarin’ the kids. However, I do only care about myself, just ask Fink. :-)