True Confessions III

23 February, 2014
Rat Fink

Yeah, once in a while I come clean to my fiends. Like here and here, today’s post will feature truth-telling from the depths of my black, shriveled soul.

  1. I am bitter about a 9-year-old issue. Truth. My local school levy (for which many of my colleagues and I put in hours and hours of work and personal time and creativity) failed, 70%-30%. It would have included a 500-seat theater, complete with stage rigging, a scene shop, dressing rooms, acoustical treatments, draperies, pit, the works. I took the failure quite personally, and after seeing the plans for my local school district’s new high school performing arts wing, my bitterness burns anew. I know there was not much I could do about it; heck, I couldn’t even vote for the levy, as I don’t live in the school district where I teach. But I’m still mad. And jealous. Jealous and mad. Madly jealous. It’s not fair to my kids. Oh, well. Whining and $4…
  2. I hate the idea of getting dressed up and going somewhere. No joke — I can’t count how many times I’ve looked at the clock and thought, I suppose I could just cancel… But once I’m there, I usually enjoy the experience a great deal. I am a lazy n’er-do-well when I want to be.
  3. Although I have, in essence, cried “Wolf!” in the past regarding rehearsals for an upcoming show, I must confess that the recent spate of snow days, coupled with myriad rescheduled athletic events and basketball tournament games, is cutting too deeply into my rehearsal schedule. I fear cuts of the musical kind. At least I have that option, which I wouldn’t so much with a standard Broadway musical. Revues can be a bit more flexible, but one still has to give the customer what he pays for. Ah, first-world problems…

Confession: good for the lungs, heart, digestion and general constitution. I hope my three-hour rehearsal this afternoon will yield the same results with regard to preparedness. Oy.


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23 February, 2014 10:47 am

These are your confessions…pathetic, you should see my list, just me sitting in the confessional causes spontaneous combustion! Liz’s daughter, a thirteen year teaching veteran was instrumental in working on a Bond issue this past Fall. Like you, she poured herself, her time and her all her energy into making this understandable and attractive. The Bond would have upgraded the then existing dinosaurs disguised as computers for the classrooms, fixed leaking roofs and raised their Library facilities from amongst the dead. The Bond would have also given teachers a measly 3% COLA pay increase; it should be noted that the… Read more »

24 February, 2014 9:39 am

You are simply…the Best!