Toute a l’école!

18 August, 2014
Rat Fink

Evvvverybody back to school, yay! Well, not everyone, but definitely me and all the rest of the teachers and staff for the next two days. Funny how some schools have been in session for two weeks already, and others don’t start until after Labor Day. I like individual districts being in control like that. (Now if only we could do it with regard to curriculum and assessments…but that’s a rant for another day.)

It’s been a weird summer. Longer because of more time at home, due to a super-short Odyssey this time around, but shorter because there was a lot to accomplish, and as usual, I didn’t get 75% of it done. We had a serious discussion about the fence/no fence issue, which was brought into sharper focus last night after our neighbor’s 90-lb. Golden Retriever mix broke loose and attacked Remy and Pax in our back yard. (Our wonderful neighbor, Nancy, was horrified and confused; in the nine years we’ve lived here, that’s never happened.) No one was hurt, but it got us thinking about keeping two dogs safe and contained in a busy neighborhood, where the yards are pretty close together.

It’s the three-four grand that people want to charge us to install sixty feet of fence and two gates that’s the problem, you see. The Thriller wants to do it himself, but I am going to put down my little feet and veto that, for many reasons.

But hey, enough about me — have a good Monday out there, fiends.

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18 August, 2014 11:13 am

Boy Howdy Ms. Fink, the years just a keep on keeping on….whoooowee would ya look at that! Wishin you everything this new school year…will look forward to the anecdotal tag along you will take us on this year!
Peace my Fink Friend!


20 August, 2014 11:41 am

I’m your Huckleberry!