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8 January, 2010
Rat Fink

This morning I read that explorers Christopher Columbus and John Smith reported having seen “mermaids” on their travels at sea (1493 and 1614, respectively). The sightings persisted into the 19th century. Marine scientists later postulated that the men might have in fact been seeing manatees or dugongs– not maids.

Hence, today’s little funny.



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8 January, 2010 12:06 pm

Manatee are the gentlest of creatures. While living in Florida, we would often take our little sailboat to a shallow area on the Indian River to scrape the barnacles off the bottom. Manatee would swim around us as we worked and try to play with us. They are protected by Florida law, which is stringent with severe penalties for disturbing these animals. Our sense of beauty has changed in the last 500 years. In Columbus’ day, a woman who was on the heavy side was considered robust and healthy and hence, beautiful. The waifish, figureless forms now favored in the… Read more »

9 January, 2010 8:23 pm
Reply to  Rat Fink

We lived in Cocoa (*not* Cocoa Beach), just south of Titusville. Put our little 20-footer in at the marina in Rockledge. She was a swing-keel, so getting into those shallow areas was no problem. This was in the early to mid ’90s. Seems like an eternity ago!

I have often complained that I was born 500 years too late LOL.

We’re having a nice weekend too. Just saw the Sherlock Holmes movie. You’d like it.