Thursday morning, 3 a.m.

25 March, 2010
Rat Fink

I know, shameless Paul Simon ripoff. I gotta get some sleep. Up before the chickens.

How I got to looking at bad tattoos at 4:00 in the morning, I’ll never know. Actually, I can’t say they’re *bad* tattoos, because they’re art. Who’s to say what’s bad art?  Anyway, this was all before coffee, so not my fault.

Ah, no one'll notice.
Definitely not creepy.
Must be the same artist. opposed to *my* mine
Someone's granddad. I would have loved to bring him to show-and-tell.
I'm shy. Stop looking at me.


Hey, Robert Culp died. I liked him. I don’t have the Dinner Theatre program done yet, and we open tomorrow. Wonder when I’m going to shop before leaving on tour. I am out of chocolate Cheerios. I have to go to the bank.

I think I’m turning Japanese.

To spare you any more non-sequiturs, I remain yours truly,

Rat (you know you’re stressed when you’re actually looking forward to being responsible for taking two charter buses to New York City with 103 other people) Fink

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25 March, 2010 7:01 am

Those are some creepy tattoos, especially the guy with the eyes on his eye lids. Good luck with DT.


25 March, 2010 8:26 am

Wow those are ugly!!!

Why do you think your are turning Japanese??????


25 March, 2010 5:07 pm

Sweetie, I love ya. But Paul Simon’s song was *Wednesday* Morning, 3 AM.

I’ll let ya slide on that one. My stress level went up just looking at those tattoos. No wonder you’re not sure what day it is.

Peas (and carrots)