The Road Home – Nevada

27 July, 2010
Rat Fink

We haven’t been to Las Vegas in 13 years, and boy have some things changed.

We’re staying at the beautiful Orleans Hotel, off-strip. It might be a little different on the strip, say, at Caesar’s, but I doubt it. What I mean is, there are kids everywhere. Everywhere. In the casino, running through the lobby, in the restaurants.

Now you know me; I love kids. But in Vegas? At a casino? I told Mavis this morning that the hotels are apparently competing for shrinking gambling revenues, so why not offer a Disneyland type vacation, and bring the kids, too?

Still, we love the hotel (even though the casino has not been kind to our meager bank). Check out the amenities:

The view of the strip out our room window.
View from the door

View from the other side (the Thriller is deep in concentration)
Luxurious bath

All this is great. The worst part? We’ve played all evening last night and all day today, and we’d take Detroit over Vegas any day. Maybe it’s just a stretch of bad luck, but these things have “sucker” written on them in bigger letters than usual. And we’re good poker players.

Still, we’re having a blast, and I think we’ll go see a movie tonight in one of them there thirteen theaters. Sheesh.

Hope you had a great Tunesday — off to the Grand Canyon tomorrow.

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27 July, 2010 8:46 pm

You will LOVE the drive out to the GC… are you also going to do Hoover Dam? In November, BV & I took a helicopter ride out to Hoover Dam & Grand Canyon. We even landed on the canyon floor & had a little champagne continental breakfast. AMAZING!! Now I know how you are about airplanes… but you might want to try the helicopter thing on your next trip to Vegas – WAY worth the $$. In fact, the next time we go back to Vegas for fun, we’re going to do it again!! ReplyRat Fink Reply:July 28th, 2010 at… Read more »