Take tea and see.

14 January, 2013
Rat Fink

OK, true confession. Every once in a while, Dad would take a long sip of the iced tea Mavis and I had to make every night for dinner and then declare, “Ah, take tea and see!” I just thought he was being goofy, so I never thought anything about it.

Imagine my surprise to see the following as I began to read an article in the Times about Lipton going back to its roots with the basic black tea bags:

BACK in the “Mad Men” days, a trade organization known as the Tea Council of the U.S.A. celebrated the beverage its members sold with ads that carried the theme “Take tea and see.”

So THAT’S what he meant! And here’s the awesome commercial:

J’ever have a moment like that? Here it is, a hundred years later, and I finally get the punch line. Why didn’t I just ask?

Now THIS tea commercial I remember! Seems kind of dorky forty years later. OK, completely dorky.

Maybe I’ll go make some Lipton. Like, right now. One of these days, we’re going to have a big ol’ nostalgic remember that commercial? picnic here. And archive.org is probably the place to go for ammo. However, be warned: it’s one of those “Do NOT Go Here” sites, if yaknowwhatimean.


Hey, it’s Monkday, and there’s school to be taught. I’m happy today, even though none of “my” teams won in the playoffs this weekend. None. As in, not one.

Anyway, have a good one, fiends. I’m out.

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14 January, 2013 5:54 am

Oh my goodness!!! So THAT’S what Dad meant! :-) That’s awesome that you found that. I remember he would only drink Lipton and, he just had to have it every night for dinner. That’s a great memory, Bird! We drink Lipton in the Mavis Manse, too. I’ve actually stopped drinking coffee and only drink tea, now.

I think a “nostalgia” night would be loads of fun! You’d beat us all, hands down, though. :-) Have a great Monderday!