Son of 50 More Trivial Things

20 August, 2008
Rat Fink

I was searching finkweb for a photo this morning, and ran across this post from back in May. Ah, May. Maius horribilis. I hated everything in May. And almost everyone. Except you.

So I decided to put off today’s post until tomorrow in favor of riding the stream-of-consciousness bus today. Hence…

Son of 50 More Trivial Things

  1. Kay and I had the most wonderful summer.
  2. Wait till you see Mavis!
  3. The Thriller washed off/hosed down our backyard wooden fence yesterday. I came home from open house and wondered whose yard it was. Icky dirt anyhow.
  4. I wonder what I did to upset that one person.
  5. Yes, I am procrastinating. I cleared my whole day today — rescheduled a doc appointment, even — to get this final project done for Orchestration class. And what am I doing? Firing the neurons over coffee. Awesome.
  6. I honestly fear what I will do with myself when I don’t have these classes anymore after October. I may have a meltdown.
  7. Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?
  8. I just remembered that I did not post an RtB Contest this month. Oh well. August hiatus. And Stoney — I still owe you the Hershey bar — I haven’t forgotten!
  9. I am looking forward to my feast this Sunday. And to Helen’s shower on Saturday.
  10. I found this interesting, especially since I am getting more and more annoyed by eBay’s infuriating policies.
  11. I simply cannot do a shopping list under pressure.
  12. Seamus is coming to dinner tonight, and I’ve no clue what to fix. I know…chili/chips/cheese.
  13. I hate the fearmongers.
  14. Ok, I’ve worked a little on my assignment, and I’m back. I started this post at 7:56 a.m. It’s now 9:44. So I haven’t been goofing off all this time. Just sayin’.
  15. It’s the 20th of August, and I am freezing to death.
  16. I’m having a hair 911 episode today.
  17. For those of us who are overwhelmed 99% of the time, here are some good suggestions for time management.
  18. I am in fact feeling overwhelmed at this very moment.
  19. Lars — call me!
  20. Since this is Son of 50 More Trivial Things, it’s only 20 items long. Can’t be big as its daddy. ‘Sides, I have got to get to work…

Fink out (of time, again).

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20 August, 2008 4:44 pm

Isn’t that something about eBay? I thought the whole point was to have buyers determine the price they want to pay for an item, while the seller hopefully gains more than expected. I suppose changing everything to “Buy It Now” wouldn’t dramatically change my (only) income anyways, but just the thought of it frustrates me.

Amazon-ification. Ick.