Someone once told me

14 June, 2009
Rat Fink

“If you don’t really want to know, or if you’ll get upset by what you hear, then don’t ask.”

This is precisely why I do not distribute surveys to my students, or even ask their opinion about my repertoire selections (although I will do that on a rare occasion — extremely rare). Thing is, surveys give people license to snark anonymously. I don’t care if I don’t know who it is; I guess I have issues with deliberately opening myself up for full metal jacket responses. In other words, I’m a delicate flower. *sNiFfLe*

But hey, I was in a geeky mood this morning and decided to mess around with some stuff at Google Docs. So I did a quick and dirty embedded survey. Three whole questions.

Please feel free to fill it out, and I will post the data in a couple of days. I covet your responses, so come on: gi’ it a go.


Happy Sum-day, fiends. I look forward to the tally.

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