So shines (another) good deed…

30 April, 2012
Rat Fink

… in a weary world. Just when you think all hope is lost.

I had my (only) pit band rehearsal yesterday afternoon, mostly to make sure the guitar player, whom I’d neither met nor heard play, was going to be OK with everything. I mean, Grease without a guitar is like, well, Grease without a guitar player.

I should have figured it out when I got no response from the reminder email or the two texts I sent before the rehearsal. The rest of us were there, but…yeah. No guitar player. Bam. Fired. Now what? With son Lars unavailable for that time period, I didn’t know where to turn. Good guitar players always seem to be in glut-like supply, until you actually need one.

Seamus and I discussed an alternative, but I decided to fling out my net as a desperation move and ask a former student (who now lives in a town 75 miles from the school and works for Best Buy) to rescue us.

He said yes.

I am in a state of both total disbelief and indescribable gratitude. So that is one glacier-sized worry off my plate, making room for the 326 other things. You know how that is.

Twenty-seven days. Yes, I am now officially one of those loozer teachers who’s counting — along with every student. :-)


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30 April, 2012 7:31 am

Yay for those who come to the rescue!! Isn’t it wonderful to know they’re out there?! I’d say you got the “Best Buy”. :-)


Rat Fink Reply:

HA — ya nut. I sure did! He is a super trouper for doing this for us.

Hey, we need to have a cluck soon!


30 April, 2012 10:43 am

Wow. That’s terrific that it worked out that way, but that’s also the way it should be. As musician/performers, we are (generally speaking) looked down upon by the rest of the world because we are “non-productive”. This means that we must look to each other for support – *we* are all we have. Think of it the other way ’round. If you were 75 miles away and a former colleague called you in extremis, would you go? Heck, yeah. You know you would. So would I. As for Mister Flaky No-Show – he’s made his own bed. You know you… Read more »

30 April, 2012 5:30 pm

Sure glad this worked out for you!!!!!


Rat Fink Reply:

Thanks RD! I am BEYOND relieved…