Seven weeks

1 June, 2010
Rat Fink

That’s all that remain.

And since everything’s basically over at school except for three middle school classes today, it’s time to start focusing on the 66 Odyssey plans.

First, I would like some of these, please and thank you. Send them to Rat Fink, Finkville. (Hey look — it’s me!) Thanks to Lars and Helen, I already have this. Fantastic book. Love me some Genuine Hotrod Hardware.

The Odyssey is beginning to dominate conversations between the Thriller and me. In 15 years, we’ve never taken a vacation — a “real” vacation, where you just get in the car and go, with a basic itinerary but lots of stops along the way to see cool stuff. This will be a first, and we’re as excited as a couple of 13-year-olds on the way to Cedar Point.

The hardest part is deciding what to do and what to pass by. Fortunately, we’ll be doing a little backtracking through Arizona and New Mexico, so hopefully we’ll be able to catch some of what we miss. Apologies to my fiends whom this might offend, but we have been planning this trip since September, and there is no way I’m missing out on Seligman, Kingman, and Winslow. It’s such a fine sight to see.

Now you all have a great Tunesday, and get your wish lists ready for R66 souvenirs. I’m yer huckleberry.

Fink (over and) out.

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1 June, 2010 9:23 am

That is oddly enough, one of my favorite lines in an Eagles song.


Rat Fink Reply:

It’s one of my favorite Eagles songs!


1 June, 2010 9:37 am

Sounds like it’s going to be fun. My big trip is to Chicago this summer so I’m kinda jealous. You know we’re expecting tons of pictures.


BoomR Reply:

…and lots of Flip videos, too! Just mount that sucker on the dash using your new tripod stand! Woo-hoo!!


Rat Fink Reply:

I know! Hey, I need to get that thing hooked up to the ol’ PC to download the latest software. I haven’t done that in a hundred years. I will be styling with the tripod AND the snazzy carrying cases! <3