13 July, 2010
Rat Fink

Random Neuron Firings

Whoa! Gilbert gets smacked for a hunnert grand for bashing LeBron. I still say he published what most fans were feeling, even though he went a little koo koo at the end of the letter.

But Jesse Jackson needs to SHUT. UP. Gilbert was acting like a “slave owner?” SERIOUSLY? It’s only a matter of time before his fellow media hog Sharpton shows up and throws his weight around. Couple o’ knuckleheads. They’re as bad as Beck and Olbermann — they just save it up for longer.

Wow, I’m a little snarky this morning. *feeling forehead* I might be coming down with something. Wait here. Going to make coffee.


All right, that’s better. Pssst. Hey Mel. Mel Gibson. Some advice: If she records one phone conversation, she might record another. Sheesh.


I’m in total agreement that if Lindsay Lohan doesn’t go to jail, then get supervised help this time, she’ll never learn. Shame on the enablers. The girl is suffering, lost, confused, lonely, and making a crap ton of bad decisions. Somebody needs to go over there and clean house.


Ha! How cool is this?

Will Saturday ever get here? I doubt it.


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13 July, 2010 11:41 am

Congrats. That is the first time I’ve EVER seen Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann’s name in the same sentence. I didn’t think it was possible, even though I just did it for the 2nd time in history. You’re like Neil Armstrong in this sense, which would make me Buzz Aldrin.


13 July, 2010 1:21 pm

Yikes that bendy bike looks like a cyclists worst nightmare come true!!

Saturday will be here afore ya knows it! I just hope the trip lives up to the hype heheheh :)
j/k I know you will have fun!

10 days and counting for our trip to Gay Paree!!!


13 July, 2010 6:41 pm

I need that bike for college. Can’t ya just see me cruisin around campus in that thing?…then parking and bending it in half? Super cool.