¿Por qué? Pourquoi? VI

15 March, 2012
Rat Fink

  1. Why is it that you can’t wake up enough to shut the window because the air is blowing on your face and giving you a terrible headache, but once you do wake up, the pain is so bad that you wonder how you ever slept in the first place?  :(
  2. Why do some folks ask your opinion or advice when they know they’re just going to do what they want anyway?
  3. Why does Rousseau have such massive flipouts about thunder? Poor pup. Wait a minute. He can go right back to sleepy time when it’s over. I should make him get dressed and go to school with me. Holy carp, a big clap of thunder just hit and he is now glued to the ceiling. Mercy.
  4. Why is it sometimes so easy to let one thing ruin your day?
  5. Why is entertaining the possibility of a huge change in your life so scary? I guess it’s the unknown.
  6. Why is the unknown so scary? Must be based on our intrinsic fear of falling (or failing).
  7. Why am I insomniatic until it’s time to get ready for work? I could sleep like the dead right now, but it’s time to get going…


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15 March, 2012 7:45 am

Number 3… holy cow!! That makes me soo mad, when someone wants my opinion and then tell me I am wrong or thats not how to do something… ohhhhh it makes me crazy :)


15 March, 2012 11:17 am

I had a Golden who could smell a thunderstorm as much as 4 hours before it hit. She would pace and pant and whine and pace and then when it struck she tried to crawl under my chair. My current Golden couldn’t care less. Go figure. #2. – drives me crazy. They ask what you think and then argue with you about it. Razzberries!!! I have another: Why do some people shoot pistols at your heels to get something done quickly and then after you’d hurried and finished, you have to wait for them? OK, enough snarking. It’s a beautiful… Read more »