One, one and done

11 December, 2008
Rat Fink

Just gotta get through Monday, and I’m home free.

So much to tell you this morning. First, the concert! My little fiends did very well last night. Here are some shots a fellow teacher took of some krazy kwire kids…

5th graders - very cute
6th grade
My 7th and 8th grade sopranos - they nailed it
8th graders - among my fave kids

More later — 6:54 and out the door.

Fink out.

PS – I watched Sweeney Todd on my new TV last night. I must admit…it was amazing.

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11 December, 2008 8:05 pm

Once again – nicely done, middle schoolers!

Glad to hear ya got your new [huge] TV :) And of course Sweeney Todd was the first movie to be played on it! ha