On the warpath II

2 February, 2015
Rat Fink

Hello, fiends. It’s been too long. Didn’t I say I wasn’t going to disappear for extended periods of time anymore? I believe I did. And here I am, after a long absence. Still, you’ve been on my mind — as have many things.

The Fink is armed and ready for battle. (Is that not a great drawing of Yours Truly? Mad respect to Andy Nortnik for always getting Rat Girl right.)

I’m wrasslin’ with several dragons lately; some I’ve told you about already, and some I haven’t. Some are tactile and real, and others are of the emotional and cerebral variety. Many are way beyond my control, while others lie perfectly within my grasp. Some are just dumb. This day, I fight:

1. The insanity surrounding Common Core, and now, the reality of test refusal coming to my district (though I won’t fight that).

2. Trying to get back to being good to this old creaky bod. I just said to someone the other day: “I have a beautiful treadmill in the basement. There is absolutely no weather-related excuse why I can’t work out.” And yet…So, today, I fight that dragon. And I will win it for today, for five minutes from now, when I stop writing. Tomorrow? Tomorrow will have to look after itself for the time being.

And to a (much) lesser extent:

3. Boring, musically vapid Super Bowl halftime shows. You know, I think the shark has been jumped here (no pun intended) with regard to every year’s SB halftime being bigger, better, badder and nuttier. Last night’s version seemed more in line with an Olympics opening ceremony than with a halftime show, complete with flying people, great huge mechanical animals, and silly cartoonish characters dancing about. Add to that the rather-cool-but-totally-bizarre addition of Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott, and well…yeah. And I won’t even touch the renditions of God Bless America (John Legend) and the Star Spangled Banner (Idina Menzel).

4. The utterly infuriating trend of non-funny spokeswomen trying to be funny in commercials. What…is there research out there that supports goading the public into buying a product just so companies will stop advertising it? Does unfunny comedy traditionally sell hamburgers, insurance and phone contracts? Maybe it does, I dunno. But every time I see these commercials, I want to drown something.

And if I don’t get up from this box and get on to the next thing on the list, I’ll be here all day. Off to tread on my mill; moving in silent desperation, keepin’ an eye on the Holy Land…

Walkin’ Rat

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2 February, 2015 12:17 pm

Last evening watching the SB halftime show I sat there wondering what Ms Fink thought of the “show?” I found myself thinking that perhaps I am just too old to appreciate the spectacle because I did not get the show! No flow to it just a bunch of disjointed segments and dancing sharks…what the heck. Though I don’t want to again see the underarm skin of 71 year old Mick Jagger flapping in the wind again; if the goal is a Cirque du Soleil type of entertainment then hire them…not some Pop star. Just sayin it left me bored all… Read more »

2 February, 2015 2:01 pm

What ever happened to halftime shows with marching bands? I’m not into college football, but I’d rather watch OSU perform at halftime shows than what I watched last night. Just awful. And don’t get me started on Idina Menzel. Sheesh. At the end of *her rendition* of the SSB, the look on her face was that of – “I nailed it!!” My hubs said, “let it go..” I almost got the bat. *sigh* I had to leave the room. I like your, “Walkin’ Man” reference. Just take one day at a time, Bird-O-Mine. That’s all we can do. I’m there… Read more »

3 February, 2015 1:40 pm

I will be in the minority here but I liked Katie Perry but then, I like her music Was it flashy and bright and full of weird things? Yes. But hey, it’s the Super Bowl and even the USC Trojan Marching Band doing Tusk wouldn’t satisfy the crowds of Now. Am I saying But too much? haaaa I saw a few of the commercials, I really liked the Snickers one with the Bradys. HAAA I LOLd at that one. The one with Kardashian….like, seriously??? I watched the video of the test refusal. What kinds of penalties are there if parents… Read more »

3 February, 2015 7:28 pm

We don’t have tv. Haven’t had tv for about 6 years now. I’m blissfully ignorant about all things that our society deems important.


Rat Fink Reply:

Rock on, Candace!