No studying today

10 May, 2009
Rat Fink

Because it’s Mothers Day. Yay for me! Thank you, Woodrow Wilson. Actually, I’m just looking for an excuse to not study today. Found it.

Mother (1938 - 1996)
As some of you may have read in the bio post I did last year, my mother, Barbara, was a wonderful lady. Sure, we had our problems (see yesterday’s post), but bottom line, for good or ill, she devoted herself completely to parenting Mavis and me. I mean, for almost twenty years, that was her sole occupation in the world. And I for one will never forget that sacrifice, even as I hope she got some joy out of it, too. I know we did.


To all the Finkville moms, I say “Happy Day!” To all my fiends who are fortunate enough to be sons and daughters of moms who can still be hugged, I say, “Go do it, right now.”

Mavis and I are being treated to a pizza party tonight with the whole gaggle. What are you doing for Mom’s Day?


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10 May, 2009 10:01 am

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to one of THEEEE most wonderful moms I know (and oh, lordy yes…grandmum, too! This getting old stuff is TOTALLY for the birds!). I’m glad that I had a chance to see you being a great mom in the early days when #1 son & Lars would run around the house butt-a*s nekked (hey – do you guys still do that??). MomBoomR is in Calif with DadBoomR, visiting their grand-daughter Kaylee, but are headed here in early June to help celebrate my b’day. The hug will just have to wait until there (but a phone call is… Read more »

10 May, 2009 2:10 pm

What a beautiful picture of your mom!!! As you know I am mom to Chevy and he very sweetly brought me a dead bird this morning. He was so proud! I said thank you and praised him, then threw the poor bird away.

I agree with BoomR, I will want to see pics!!! Have a wonderful day, ^leesa, you deserve it. :)


11 May, 2009 8:54 am
Reply to  Rat Fink

Was a good cat? Still is! Even if he does kill cute little birdies. :)