Mind meld

14 October, 2013
Rat Fink

Someone needs to put the Spock down on my head. Maybe that would clear it out and make room for other stuff that requires my attention and gray matter.

Basically, it has begun. And by “it,” I mean the constant state of butterflies in the gut, leading up to the final week before the show opens. And this year, for several reasons, we are slightly under-rehearsed at this point in the run. It’s OK though. We’ve been there before and survived. And maybe it’ll provide me with a bit more focus.

I have called this “compartmentalizing.” You have this dresser or file cabinet in your head, see, and you store different issues in different drawers to pull out later when you need them. Thing is, my internal dresser tends to look like my *real* dresser after a busy week: stuff hangin’ out everywhere. It’s insane. But I need to really focus on fixing that this week, or I’ll totally derail by Friday, at which time we are under the two-week window.

I could really use some Spock right now, though, to clear the cluttered dresser drawers. Or maybe I should take the advice that Shickeneder gave his friend Mozart: Write it down, Wolfie. It’s no use to anyone in your head.

Is it Monday? Of course it is. Ick.

PS — did anyone get the notification email yesterday that a new post had been published? I CCd it to myself and never got it…

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14 October, 2013 8:40 am

I received Lazy Sunday in my inbox. :)


14 October, 2013 9:30 am

Same for me…I received on 10/13 and one today.

OK Finkster…you are one of the Brightest people I have ever met in my considerable years; even with 5 drawers open you will sort it all out and get to the important stuff as it is needed. All brilliant people have stuff hanging out of their drawers…even unmentionables. So…start because prioritizing is easy when you already have the “compartments.”

Remember, in the considerable opinion of us Finktonians….you, my Dear are the BEST!


14 October, 2013 1:35 pm

Sometimes I feel my brains are like my kitchen drawer hahaha

I got an blurb that there was a new post here, yes :)