Juju Apocalypse Xenon

23 June, 2009
Rat Fink

That’s the name the singers chose for the small ensemble I direct at the jazz camp.

Juju Apocalypse Xenon…get it? :-)

I’m really enjoying the kids at the camp. Some good blues being sung; also good scat and even some better-than-average bebop. Most of my nine singers are pop a cappella performers…blues and bop are very new to many of them. But the cool thing is, they like the change — something teenagers (and just about everyone else, I suppose) are customarily against.

So what’s everyone up to? I noticed Ross posted his contribution. Is he not the coolest? He is my role model. Someday, I want to sleep in till 8, get up, write all day, sleep, repeat. I know he does more than that, but I don’t want to do more than that.  Oh, and there’s the “get paid” part that I want, too. I want to sleep, write, get paid, rinse, repeat. Yeah.

Anyway — back to my grind. Thought I’d check in with everyone since I said I’d keep you posted.

Yo homey, smell ya layta.


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