J’ever have one of those?

7 March, 2013
Rat Fink

And by “one of those,” I mean “mornings when you get up thinking it’s Friday.”


Yeah, that was today.

And j’ever have one of those evenings when you’re three quarters of the way home from work (I have a 22-mile drive), and you realize you forgot something really important, and it’s too late to turn back to get it?

Yeah, that was last night.

But then, j’ever get some really good news when you got home, and it made it all better?

That was last night, too. Rousseau had a great visit with our new vet, and the Thriller and I are very pleased with the outcome, the treatment plan, and the prognosis. Yay!

So that’s not so bad after all. Anything fun happen to you yesterday? Today? At least *tomorrow* is Friday. But for now…the shower, the road, the school house, the rehearsals. Happy Whatever Day It Is!

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7 March, 2013 10:40 am

Yes, I’ve had those mornings myself, Bird. But, I’m so HAPPY to hear about Rousseau!!! Sounds like the new Vet knows his stuff. It’s “Thornsday”, but hope your day is full of roses! ;-)


7 March, 2013 1:12 pm

Rousseau’s outcome, treatment plan and prognosis??? Did I miss something??