I Say Go Here

30 January, 2011
Rat Fink

You are going to love me this morning. I aim to keep you busy while you drink your a.m. beverage, though I know I might be a bit late for that this day.

First, I have no idea how this guy does it, but sometimes it doesn’t matter.


I found these interesting, mostly for their artistry, but also because of their blatant honesty (e.g., shut up!).

Hey Old Ones, remember this little novelty from years ago? Well, as in all things, there’s a computer app for that. You can play with it here.

Some awesome photos. And here too, depicting life in the US before Pearl Harbor — but in color. Amazing.

Maps of War – very cool and informative collection of Flash presentations. Be sure to view them full screen.

Talk about a talented man

Are we done? I think so, for another day. Much work to do, and the more this body rests, the more it wants to stay at rest. Know what I mean?