22 December, 2008
Rat Fink

Check this out: body art by Italian artist Guido Daniele. Amazing. Gives new meaning to the term hand painted. Heh. I do envy the talents of these people, seriously.

Click on the pictures for the big version (they won’t open in a new window, though).

More grooviness: you might have noticed that I monkeyed with the comment structure. You can now, thanks to a cool plugin for nested comments, reply directly to someone’s comment at RtB, rather than start a new one and use names to direct your response. To other WordPress users: I know that this particular plugin has been around awhile, but I don’t like how it looks because the guy who wrote it is Japanese, and his English reflects it. I’m working on hacking around it, but I don’t want to break php files cuz I don’t know how to fix them…

Hey, it’s Monday morning and I am not going to school. I’m going to the dentist instead. Joy.

Fink out.

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