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3 May, 2009
Rat Fink

Yeah, I needed to avoid ending a sentence in a preposition. You know, the kind of word I dangle at the end of my every post?

Speaking of prepositions, I took an easy quiz this morning. But this one was interesting, because it uses British English. It was surprising to me (even though I scored 100%, shameless POM wannabe that I am) how different it is from American English. Take it and you’ll see what I mean.

I ran across Schott’s Vocab blog on the Times site. Love his stuff (and this is on my birthday git list). Last night I read about different words and phrases that families use – you know, interesting combinations of words — or made-up ones altogether — that constitute their own special language. For instance, my kids and I always called the television remote a” widget.” Gatorade was always known as just “Gator.”

Trying to remember more of them, but coming up empty at the moment. Maybe Lars will recall something.

What were/are some of your families’ weird sayings? I covet them.

Fink out of space.


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3 May, 2009 10:55 am

On those yummie spaghetti dinners @ Diamond Street, #1 son would frequently ask for “stinky cheese” as I recall. Does that count?


3 May, 2009 11:03 am
Reply to  BoomR

…and while I’m at it, I had a flashback to #1 son’s rendition of the Transformer TV show theme song yesterday – I saw the poster for the new Transformer movie releasing as I was leaving “X-Men Origins”. I think he used to sing it something like: “Transformers – more than meets the eye! Transformers – more than G.T.I”… or something like that…??


3 May, 2009 1:29 pm

I can’t think of anything right now (will later). But you mentioned the difference with the English and American languages. In Britain if someone says that their home is homely that is a good thing, homely meaning comfy and cozy. I always have to laugh a bit when I hear someone on the BBC say “and this is my home, I think it’s very homely” *hahaha*


4 May, 2009 1:52 am
Reply to  Suzanne

I thought of something. We would say someone was “going fruity” or “gone fruity!!” when someone started acting well…fruity! LOL Usually when my brother would teaase us to no end and one of us would finally show some anger and lash out–then we were “going fruity”. *Sheeeeesh gone fruit!” and then that would make us madder! Ahhh, the memories…..