Finkday fun III

26 August, 2011
Rat Fink

First, let me thank all my RtB fiends for the birthday wishes, both here and on Facebook. It was a great day, even though most of it was spent at school. :-)

My students sang to me, and the Thriller took me to dinner at the Old Jaol where we met BFF Kay and Bob and had laughs and good conversation. And get this: I turned off my light (after digging into my birthday book from K & B) at 10:30 p.m., and didn’t wake up until 4:51. Success!

Now it’s off to today’s marathon. School today, DT prep after school, then taking tickets at the football game with Stoney tonight. I will be one ratty Fink when I drag back home.

I feel a week of early morning research coming on. Haven’t gotten my nerd on in awhile. Happy weekend, yall!

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