Finkday Fun

17 May, 2013
Rat Fink

For two reasons: 1 – we’re approaching the last few days of school, and 2 – I get to hang with sis Mavis and BFF Kay today. Yippy!! Some fun girl time is definitely on the prescription I wrote myself a few weeks ago, especially for this time period.

Busy weekend for sure (a wedding and two birthday parties, a preschool “graduation” and picnic, then getting stuff ready for my final concert on Monday night), but it should be fun.

Operation Tie-the-Knot is coming along. All cake pops are on the sticks and ready for their chocolate baths this afternoon. Then Mavis, Kay and I will wrap them up and make them pretty, and send them on their way to the reception hall at the ski lodge.

Two more gigs, two more gigs, two more gigs…then I put on my dancing top hat. Is he annoying you yet?

:-D Happy Finkday! Dress casual!

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17 May, 2013 5:07 pm

I want cake pops! I want cake pops!! **HINT**


Rat Fink Reply:

HA — you just never know *what* I’m going to show up with, now do ya?? <3