Feelin’ a lil draggy

26 November, 2013
Rat Fink

Heh. Can you relate? ^^That’s me today.^^

I don’t usually put too many animated images up here, since they basically become unbearable after five seconds, and then you can’t unsee them, no matter where else on the page you look. But this one sums me up perfectly this morning.

Lots of public school teachers are looking at their last day of school before break today, but not us. We go Wednesday as well, which means I am eternally grateful to Mavis and the Thriller for getting the Hamsgiving ball rolling while I’m putting in that last day tomorrow.

I hope you’re someone who gets Thanksgiving day off…unless you’re Suzanne, who lives in Europe, or my favorite pensioners (and you know who you are), to whom every day is a national holiday. :P

Share time! Thanksgiving plans, GO.


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26 November, 2013 7:13 am

Oh my. Well, at least you’re not dragging the *other end*! ;-)

Gonna start the pies for Hamsgiving and Thanksgiving in just a bit. It’s going to smell heavenly in here pretty soon! Just pretend you can smell the pies baking and maybe that will get your chin off the ice. Hang in there, Bird. One more day!


Rat Fink Reply:

It was awesome, Mave! Loved every minute of Hamsgiving. Now to relax for about sixteen minutes! <3 Thanks for all your amazing help.


26 November, 2013 9:44 am

What to do…what to do??? I think I’ll bake my Great Grandmother’s custard pies today, also my soon to be world famous, from scratch, healthy for your heart carrot cake. I think I will read then…this pensioner stuff is taxing. Whew, I better sit and rest for a bit.

p.s. Ms. Fink…I am writing.


Rat Fink Reply:

Healthy for your heart carrot cake recipe? WANTY!


26 November, 2013 2:28 pm

I might bake a pumpkin pie. :P

Have a nice weekend with your family!


Rat Fink Reply:

Thanks, doll! Hamsgiving was great. Now for some much-needed R&R! Did you bake yer pie?


Suzanne Reply:

Not yet, I have all of the ingredients ready. Enjoy your R&R <3