Estoy cantando los días

28 April, 2011
Rat Fink

Last night, the Thriller and I were supposed to double-check the itinerary for our upcoming National Parks Odyssey, but we got sidetracked by other things. No problem; I have the next 19 school days to think about it.

Nineteen. But I’m not counting, regardless of the post title. We’re on the home stretch, that’s all that matters.

You know, I never used to be a day counter. I once had a colleague who would come in on the very first day of school and announce to anyone within earshot, “Welp! Only 179 days left!” It made my skin crawl. I thought violent thoughts.

But here I find myself counting the days. Could it be because I’m getting o*d? Or just fagged out? Maybe I just need to bake Chocodoodles and be Grammie.

And travel. Don’t forget the travel part. Can’t wait!

Man, I need to jack up my material. It’s been a ghost town here lately. Just me & PK, shootin’ the bull. Perhaps it’s time for another round robin story. :-)

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28 April, 2011 8:19 am

You know, there were a lot of signs that led to what was ultimately my teaching demise, but counting was the second biggest one. I was never a backwards counter. I always looked forward; 2 weeks till the next symphony concert, 1 1/2 weeks until rehearsals start, 1 1/2 weeks and 3 hours till we’re all at the bar. The thing that struck me in a room of also-cynics, we didn’t usually discuss the previous rehearsal, but what was coming “next”. So when we all met around one September, they said “How are you?”… and I responded “168 days”… it… Read more »

28 April, 2011 8:50 pm



29 April, 2011 12:05 am

I was a “day counter” but didn’t really start the countdown until the 1st of March–then the days were marked on the calendar. The year I retired I posted a full-years worth of months on my office wall and “X’d” out each day as they passed. It didn’t really make the year any shorter but it made my devious mind enjoy the fact that there was a light at the end of the tunnel!


29 April, 2011 5:23 pm

I’ve been AWOL…no excuses…wallowing in my employment limbo-ness. I’ll try & be better (esp. since I seem to have a bit of extra time on my hands) As for Chocodoodles, I’m dying for a sampler pack LOL Do you have the version made with Splenda so I can make a veiled attempt at staying on my good eating habits? Seriously, I wonder how using the cooking Splenda would affect texture, baking time, etc?? I’ve recently discovered a froyo place that has NSA (no sugar added – but uses Splenda) strawberry/banana flavor that is OUT of this WORLD! And yesterday I… Read more »

Meg's Mom
Meg's Mom
1 May, 2011 12:34 pm

Aaahhhh…OK, so I’m a few days late and a little slow on the uptake, but it’s May, and I’m overwhelmed with…getting my kids to complete their projects…prepping for the OAA…making sure my kids pass my subject for the year…dealing with a little too much daily drama…dealing with a grant I’m on….and I admit…almost counting the days. I was never a day counter either…and I’m not officially one yet (was surprised that we were down to 19). However, I’m mighty close…mighty close. It’s a wonderful job. The good moments are amazing…wonderful…awe inspiring…and infrequent! Hang in there, girl. We’ll make it to… Read more »