25 January, 2010
Rat Fink

I am pretty much knocked out. I did not know shopping for bedroom furniture could be so difficult — and expensive.

The Thriller and I invested in a new bedroom set, after learning our lesson from repeated backaches, courtesy our old mattress. Um…I guess I’ve been out of the loop for awhile. The prices are out of this world:

Mattress, box spring & frame: consummately expensive; approaching vulgar
Mattress cover: way more than it needs to be, given the fact it’s never seen
Sheets/pillow cases: I could almost buy a week’s worth of groceries for this price
Dual control electric blanket because it’s cold up on the 3rd floor: ridiculous
Comforter: it’s a blanket fuh cripesake, sheesh what a ripoff

(However….sleeping on a cloud: priceless)

And I’m talking Wally prices, people — not Pier One or Macy’s. Yipes. And now I’m shopping for the finishing touch. It’s a money pit, this furniture racket.

OK. Weigh in on which one you like. Doesn’t matter about the room décor; I think of myself as “eclectic,” which means I can defend any choice even though I have no interior decorating sense. Thumbs up.

Have a good Monday, all. I gotta go to work so I can pay for all this.

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25 January, 2010 9:07 pm

As a former upstate-New Yorker, I can definitely recommend this:

I understand they are available at Walmart as well. I had one and loved it.

Consider antique stores. The high-priced stuff in the furniture stores is not made well at all. Save the $$ and get a good mattress.

That’s my 2-cents.



25 January, 2010 10:58 pm

Watch a few episodes of HGTV’s “Design On a Dime” or “Design Star” and you’ll be a master at making your own cool headboards! BV had a killer one in the Boston condo that he made & upholstered by hand. You can have BV for the weekend to assist with the decorating :-)