Crossing everything

21 February, 2010
Rat Fink

Let’s hope the weather system bringing rain and snow keeps the temperatures up around 35, as it’s predicted at the moment. In other words: no more snow days, please.

Sometimes we go along during the rehearsal schedule and the “schedule” part tends to fade in importance. Then I say something like, “You know that we open in 5 weeks,” and the nauseated look on their faces brings us all back to earth. More snow days would worsen the nausea. I’m ready for it to quit. I hereby appeal to the weather gods to shew forth mercy and henceforth direct all snow accumulation to other locations. Thank you. Amen.

Having company for lunch today. I suppose I should get off this box and get some housework done. Insane week ahead, and the seven weeks after that don’t look too calm, either. Yay!

Happy Sunday, fiends. Get some rest.

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21 February, 2010 8:23 am

Do you have to make up snowdays at the end of the year?


Rat Fink Reply:

If we use more than 5 calamity days, yep, we have to make them up. But next year, we only get 3 allotted calamity days, so I expect we’ll be going into June (the current 2010-11 calendar has the last day of school happening before Memorial Day).


21 February, 2010 10:34 am

You really meant to say, “…and henceforth direct all snow accumulation to other locations OUTSIDE of Texas…”



Rat Fink Reply:

Hahaha…of COURSE that’s what I meant, silly man beast!


BoomR Reply:

Too late…we’re getting snow on Tuesday. See how you are? :-D