Cool TV II

22 July, 2008
Rat Fink

More great shows today.

Rod Serling had some freaky things going on in his head. Before there was the frightening Night Gallery (#2 on my Top Ten List), Serling produced The Twilight Zone. And although we only watched reruns back then (the show ran from 1959-64), it still freaked me out.

The episode entitled I Sing the Body Electric (written and directed by Ray Bradbury) made me bawl. (I’m ashamed to admit it still does.) It was one of the few times when I wasn’t scared watching the show — even though my creepy meter was definitely buzzing in the background. Amazing how today, the “special effects” aren’t so special anymore, but to an 8-year-old back in the 60s, it was huge.


The bluest skies you’ve ever seen, in Seattle….

Oh my, we were all in love with Bobby, weren’t we, girls? Here Come the Brides from 1968 — loosely based on Seven Brides for Seven Brothers — featured heartthrob Bobby Sherman in a comedy about the three Bolt brothers who, in 1870, recruit 100 “brides” to come from Massachusetts to Seattle so their lonely lumberjacks won’t leave the Bolts’ mill due to the lack of pretty women in town.

Edit: <Nice comments about David Soul deleted>

The series ran from 1968-1970, when ABC, in their infinite wisdom, pulled the show from its 7 p.m. slot over to the adult time of 9 p.m. That was its death knell. But Bobby went on to have an impressive recording/performing career.

He still looks good (and I’ll bet he’s not a schmuck, either).

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david soul
22 July, 2008 5:03 pm

If you’re going to put this stuff up, at least try to stay ‘au current’. I’m 65 in a month’s time … I’m a U.K. citizen, having lived in London since 1995. Prior to that I did 3 films in Paris. I’ve done 5, not 1, albums and have a 6th one ready for release on Sept. 1 as well as a single out on the 11th of August recorded with a Cuban band called BUENA FE … a re-recording (Cuban arrangement) of Don’t Give Up On Us, Baby (one of my number one hits back in the 70’s). I’ve… Read more »

23 July, 2008 9:56 am

Yes, one must get one’s facts in order. A curriculum vitae could not and should not be posted without the inclusion of something so masterful as a reality television program and a reprise of Jerry Springer: The Opera.
What more replete legacy is there? LOL
The more troubling aspect: who is funding a reprise of Jerry Springer the musical? This person needs to be stopped.


24 July, 2008 2:28 pm

I must be missing something. Where do you mention David Soul in this post? Or does his comment have to do with another post I missed?

BTW, I thought the guy was dead. I guess that’s what happens to a career in America when one becomes a British subject.

Oh, and David, if you read this comment come on over to my blog and pitch a fit . . . I need the blogging fodder.


31 August, 2008 6:18 pm

By the way, Dave, it’s “au courant.” If you are going to go all French and posh, you’d better get it right!


1 September, 2008 5:38 pm

Do you think I should have put David Soul, this is how you spell “au courant” to make sure he notices then? I’d hate to think of him going round the net making that sort of elementary error!