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14 March, 2010
Rat Fink

Rewarding schools for good performance instead of punishing them for standardized testing results? Nah. That makes too much sense. Truth is, somebody stole the Fink’s idea. I actually thought of that years ago.

And why don’t we pay things forward in other areas? Why do the bad guys get all the press? I say we flip it, you know — like when my son’s school used to give out “caught being good” cards, to wit:

  • Cops should stop people at random and hand out $5 Starbucks gift cards for *not* speeding.
  • Parents who *don’t* act like idiots at their kids’ sporting events should get a free hot dog and Coke sprung on them once in awhile.
  • Vendors (and yes, I am talking about you, Mystik Media, maker of Blaze Media Pro) should reward longtime repeat customers who wouldn’t take advantage of them with a little trust, instead of cowering in the corner, grabbing at every penny like you’re friggin’ Golem.

You know. Stuff like that.

Am I snarky today? *feeling forehead* I’m afraid I’m not myself. Daylight Savings puts me off my feed. Ah well. At least Jake and Justin are coming for a visit today. That will cheer me up.

Crabby Fink

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15 March, 2010 4:33 am

I was big into the positive enforcement in my classroom. It did seem to work but was very difficult, embarassing maybe, for me any my students. Only because we, as a society, are used to only hearing the negative and when we are told something positive we tend to want to play it down. ” Harold that paint job looks really nice, thanks”! Harold: “well there are some spots I missed blah blah” sheesh just say thanks and the compliment! But we all do it.