Calling stuff overrated is overrated.

17 June, 2014
Rat Fink

We’ve all done it. I mean, really. We’ve all said, “Thus-and-so is incredibly overrated.” I know I have. A partial personal list contains everything from singers and bands to ideas and events:

  1. Janis Joplin
  2. Billie Holiday (I know: strange, coming from a jazz singer, but…)
  3. Celine Dion
  4. Cher
  5. KISS
  6. The Super Bowl (unless the Browns are in it, so…yeah, I’m safe)
  7. Twitter
  8. Partisan politics
  9. Graduate degrees
  10. Channing Tatum
  11. Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Yep, I said it.)
  12. Ohio State University

Of course, all of the above are based solely on subjective interpretation. Who’s to say Janis Joplin is overrated? Why should you care what I think — especially if you own every one of her albums and listen to her every day? It’s not that I’m saying she was a bad singer (although her voice on “Piece of My Heart” reminds me of someone screaming, “Get out! The building’s on fire!”); rather, I’m saying that assigning world-changing importance to her voice and her accomplishments is stretching it a bit.

And I should clarify #11. Everyone who knows me knows how I feel about the Fabs. But that doesn’t mean I swoon over everything they did. In fact, they wrote bad music on occasion. I could name 10 Beatles tunes I hate. Sergeant Pepper’s LHCB was an innovative project for its time. Lots of “firsts” on that record, for sure. But the music…with the possible exception of “She’s Leaving Home,” there’s not a single song from that album that I’d put on “repeat” on my playlist. If you ask me — and by “me,” I mean a Beatles fanatic — I’d point to Revolver or Rubber Soul as far more deserving of mountain-top status than SPLHCB.

What’s on your “overrated” list? Anything we should know about? Fire away in the comments.

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17 June, 2014 11:36 am

Cher? Cher…the only reason I got a color TV…Cher? I jest. Is Twitter, the microphone for morons, even rated? I will say you surprised me a bit with SPLHCB, though it was never my fav either. My “overrated” list on no particular order: 1. Sun tea 2. Colin Kaepernick 3. Weather people (in my neck of the woods) 4. Starbuck’s 5. Cruise Ships 6. Mick Jagger 7. Any and all Mega Churches 8. Greek Yogurt 9. Sen John McCain 10. edamame I could go on Your post did make me think of a “music I would need on a desert… Read more »

17 June, 2014 4:43 pm

Really? You wouldn’t put A Day in the Life on repeat?? At least John’s parts?? That opening line is one of his best lyrics. You, Fink, are nuts.

1. Las Vegas
2. Sports journalism
3. Tamiflu
4. Money
5. Drake

Off the top that’s all I’ve got.