Birthday boy

31 July, 2013
Rat Fink

Aw, he cleans up nice.

Well, guess who is 62? :-)

Happy happy birthday to the Thriller today. We have a busy day planned, and I will cook dinner for him tonight (he prefers my cooking to restaurant food — imagine that) before he watches the White Sox beat up on the Tribe. Or at least, that’s almost my birthday wish for him. Heh heh.

He rarely gets to watch a White Sox game on TV, of course, because of the MLB broadcast market around here. So it’s a treat when he gets to see them live. But he hopes not to see last night’s beatdown on his birthday. Me? Not so much.  :twisted:

He’s called me “Dirty Rotten Tribe Fan” for going on 17 years; why stop now? :-D

Today will be fun for different reasons as well, as our cousin John (the son of our mother’s sister) from Illinois will be passing through town, and is stopping at the house for a visit on his way east. Mavis and I are looking forward to catching up; we sure had some laffs as kids at Grandma’s house.

Happy Wednesday — get over that hump and look forward to the weekend, fiends.

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31 July, 2013 8:03 am

Such a handsome man! He definitely deserves to watch his game tonight. Happy Birthday, Thriller!

I’m looking forward to visiting with John today! Should be a great time.


31 July, 2013 11:18 am

Happy Birthday wishes to The Man!
Wishing you both a very special day regardless of the box score results!

Be Blessed with an abundance of Love, Joy and Peace!