Backing up a chapter (of life)

12 September, 2015
Rat Fink

ratgirlIt wasn’t in the “wait, I need to back up and slow down a little” sense (although that might benefit me as well). Rather, I spent some much-needed time backing up this morning.

As the files flew by in the download window of my FTP client, and I recognized filename after filename, I realized the degree to which this small collection of stories has encapsulated many of the major events in my life over the past 7+ years. My little blog about nothing. Awww.

Defined as the modern-day personal journal, blogging has become more than just keeping a record of life or trying to sustain a business or get advertising done. In a way, it’s letting people read your diary. Did you ever have one? I started several in the past, only to lose them or lose interest in them. How I wish today that I’d held onto them. Fortunately, for most of us who blog, we filter our “public” diary to present only that which we are willing to share. (Although there are some online journals that are so extremely graphic and detailed, I’ve been unable to read on.)

I like to do a retrospective every year or so, just to thank you for stopping by and to revisit some funny stuff we’ve all observed and said. From the incredibly mundane posts about generic stuff, to my oft-mentioned, surreal, bizarre brush with a celebrity; through the countless rants, bossy opinionssilly observations that are interesting probably to only me, and semi-snarkish reviews — you’ve been there. Most likely looking like this, but you’ve been there. More importantly, many of you have done what I hoped all would do when I started this little venture: respond in the comment section. Most of you know what a shameless extrovert I am, in that I derive much of my energy (and validation) from interaction with others. You make all the effort worth it.

And now, off to work. And by “work,” I mean lesson plans and assignment creation and choreography and score study and feeling sorry for myself because I have a sore throat and can’t have the A’s over tonight for a visit.

(But hey, the Browns are on tomorrow. Wahoo!)

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12 September, 2015 1:44 pm

Interesting thing, this here RtB! I find it as comfortable as my favorite tattered and faded Wisconsin hoodie. Not everyone is a fan of my hoodie (some even have tried to throw it out with the trash) but to me it is an old friend. I love that sweatshirt. I love this little public diary of yours! For me, it is like sitting with my friend and the miles between are inconsequential. Many times I can hear the nuances that are uniquely Ms Fink…like we just had coffee together the other day. So, keep on firing them there neurons as… Read more »

12 September, 2015 2:32 pm

Bummer that you have a sore throat and can’t see the A’s tonight. I’ve been a regular reader of your blog from its inception and have been informed and entertained by your writing in both your style and your content. Since I’m a bashful introvert, I don’t comment every time. However my interest remains intense and unabatted. I’ve never kept a dairy or journal. Before I retired my datebook was my dairy. I have fewer entries now. As long as I have the capacity of mind and sight, I will remain a faithful reader of your blog. You are a… Read more »

14 September, 2015 1:16 pm

What David said. <3


Rat Fink Reply:

I <3 you!!