8 December, 2009
Rat Fink

Well let’s add some more to this list and this, too (had a good laff over that one). It’s been a few months since I yammered on in list form about stuff that truly bugs me; you can imagine the conglomerate tectonic pressure.

More Annoying Things

  1. Doing stuff you know you will pay for later, like trying to open a metal rolltop window (the one in our light booth at school) by yourself. Stupid raging backache anyhow. Ouch. I am not 20 anymore. Or 30 or 40, either. Carp.
  2. Waking at 4:22 to the sound of dog yak. On the bedroom carpet, of course.
  3. When people blame their personal “issues” on others.
  4. When a high school student leaves a nasty, sticky, half-consumed bottle of Gatorade on the television stand in my classroom, invoking the establishment of a new rule: bring a bottle, serve an hour. So it is written.
  5. Starting a new diet every day. (Thirty-year, fun-filled habits are hard to break.)
  6. When parents go to astronomical heights in order to facilitate the avoidance of punishment for their angelic child who would never, ever tell a lie to get out of trouble. (What happened to the parenting of my day: “You get in trouble at school, and you’re in twice as much when you get home”)
  7. Being behind the 8-ball. Rehearsal with bass player and drummer today, and no parts for them. Thumbs up on that, Finkly.
  8. When people steal your joy.
  9. When you feel betrayed.
  10. When you have barely enough coffee left for one pot (but, thank the gods, that’s what I had left).

All right, fiends. A little commiseration here. Ready, steady, go.


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8 December, 2009 8:36 am

1. Having to say the same thing to the choir over and over because they won’t quiet down and hear you the first time. (and these are ADULTS.) 2. Having the biggest offender of #1 be my husband. 3. Giving the choir a very clear instruction but still having one person do it wrong. 4. Having the biggest offender of #3 be my husband. (are you noticing a pattern here?) 5. People who ride your back bumper until they get a chance to pass you, then go roaring by, cut in front and slow down. 6. Smug altos. 7. Smug… Read more »

8 December, 2009 10:31 am

These things annoy me (a partial list): 1. A post office that doesn’t deliver forwarded mail, returns it to sender as undeliverable, when the forwarding address is totally correct and listed in the USPO data base. 2. Controlling people who think they know my life better than I know it, and therefore assume that they are entitled to run my life. 3. Sports fans who are totally ignorant of the rules of the game but think they know it all. They are not about to be convinced otherwise. 4. Lack of civility and courtesy. 5. People who put ideology ahead… Read more »

8 December, 2009 11:51 am

Why’d ya try to open the roll-up window on the light booth???? That thing’s heavy and it can’t be done from the side! You gotta open it from the center! By the way, didja lock it when finished??


9 December, 2009 12:15 pm

Macintosh computers and the people who think that they are no different than windows machines.


9 December, 2009 6:47 pm

How about people speaking as though they’re inside your head and can narrate your thought process? -.- Are altos known for being smug? O.O Oops.