Absolute high point

20 July, 2011
Rat Fink

I'm janked around so it appears I have no neck. Lovely. But he's wonderful.
I don’t mean altitude-wise, of course, but rather the time we spent with Daddy and Kathy.

Between great conversation over Mexican food and hearing some awesome guitar playing, we exchanged lots of hugs and discussed plans for them to come north so the Thriller and I can throw a party in their honor. We think it just might be doable sometime — I hope it’s soon.

Their property on Houston Lake in rural Mississippi is peaceful and serene. We loved staying there. And Kathy’s two four-legged children are adorable:

Frank the donkey, ordering an appetizer
Dusti, the beautiful paint horse
Daddy played me some blues on his custom Telecaster

It was hard to leave. But I’m clinging to the excitement of a reunion. Can’t wait.

So, it’s one and done for us, fiends. We stop in Indiana tonight, then we’re home by tomorrow afternoon. I hope Rousseau remembers us!


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20 July, 2011 7:18 pm

Wonderful! I was hoping that this visit was on your itinerary. I’m thrilled for you and for all that this means to you.


Rat Fink Reply:

Thanks, friend! It was great to see them again.