Aaaand scene.

13 December, 2012
Rat Fink

When the worry and the insanity preceding a performance is over (imagine 113  middle school singers, a packed hallway full of audience members filing into the theater, and me), it’s hard to describe the feeling of relief, happiness, and in this case, satisfaction because the kids really sang well.

That, and nobody did a triple gainer off the top riser.

When I hear my two favorite comments, I know we made a happy audience:

  1. The kids look SO nice all dressed up; it was really classy.
  2. I wanted to hear more!

Not that I have the be-all, end-all of middle school choral programs (I certainly don’t; we have a long way to go to reach any kind of excellence this year), but it is wonderful to see 28 terrified 11-year-olds get up and deliver the performance of the semester in front of a packed house of appreciative listeners, then watch the happy on their faces as they leave the risers. And cute — don’t forget they were cute.

The 7th and 8th grade take great pride in their huge sound; they fear nothing, and as a choral director, that is like straw spun into gold. Now to control it, perfect it, refine it…therein lies the challenge I still face.

Why all this heavy introspection, you ask? After all, it’s just school chorus. Yeah, true. But there’s something about seeing kids recognize beauty, work together for a common goal, show passion, and most importantly, bless people for a little while that jacks me right up. It doesn’t have to be Robert Shaw; it just has to be wonderful at the moment.

Which it was.  8-)

And with that, my holiday begins, even though I have six more days of school to go. That’s OK — we get a jump start on spring music, which ought to thrill the heck out of my ensembles. Heh. Welllll maybe not.


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13 December, 2012 3:25 pm

I sure wish I had been well enough to attend the concerts. Your students always do such a fabulous job!

I’m definitely going to be there this Sunday, though. It’s CHOCOLATE DAY!!! :D


14 December, 2012 11:41 am

The future, girl. The Future. That’s what you’re molding now. You’re giving thee kids so much more than they realize and even maybe more than you want to admit. Last night they gained confidence and a reward for a job well done. Over the past 3 months they have gained an appreciation for the hard work that goes into *every* performance, not to mention discipline and heart-and-soul. They learned that maybe, just maybe, all that negative stuff you hear about musicians and performing artists is just a bunch of hooey (and it is!). They took away something positive they will… Read more »

14 December, 2012 2:43 pm

I ditto PK! The hard work you put in for us (your students), we will carry forever. Through music, you teach us to dream above expectations. You challenge us not to be “average.” That’s a life lesson, not just a music lesson. On behalf of your middle schoolers, you are appreciated. If only I could have heard them! I’m sure they sounded lovely. Perhaps schedule the spring concerts *after* my semester is over? :)


14 December, 2012 3:43 pm

HURRAY all the way around to everyone involved, young people and director! Have wonderful and merry Christmas!