A scare, and hope

30 August, 2011
Rat Fink

First, thank you to all my RtB fiends for their texts, emails and calls. For those who don’t know, my sister Mavis was life-flighted to Columbus yesterday with a massive pulmonary embolism and right-sided heart failure. Thanks to my awesome bosses and colleagues at school, I took off just after noon yesterday and drove down there, and I’m spending the day there again today.

I’d take a picture of her reaction this morning when I tell her that her son is flying up from Florida on Friday, but I fear she’d jump out of the bed and pound me. Can’t take that risk. But I’m sure her expression will be priceless.

Have a good Tunesday, luvs. I’m off.


  1. I’ll keep you and Mavis and the entire family in my prayers. I’ll be praying that a whole lot of healing takes place!!!! Healing is a good thing!!!!

  2. PLEASE give Mavis my best wishes for a speedy recovery!!! ((HUGS)) to you both!!

  3. ((((((((((((( Mavis )))))))))))))))))))))

    ((((((((((((( Fink )))))))))))))))))))))

  4. How scary! Sending warm thoughts and healing energy your way.


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