23 July, 2017
Rat Fink

While talking over coffee this morning, we realized that the number 31 has more than a passing significance for us. (As we discussed it, I happened to glance at the microwavehaha)

The 31st of May will be a day I’ll not forget anytime soon. Or maybe ever. I remember emailing my principals, telling them that I normally would never even consider not coming to school on the students’ last day (I never had in 23 years of teaching), but that this time, I think the Thriller needed to come first. I planned to accompany him to see the pulmonologist on the 31st about his vocal cord paralysis because I wanted to make sure we got all the information on what needed to happen next.

Of course they understood and said no problem. I look back on that day and marvel at what we didn’t know.

The 31st of July is the Thriller’s birthday. Yay! What should we get him? I’ve no clue, but I need to get on it. It’s a scant week away.

The 31st of December is our wedding anniversary. Aww. Looky how young we were.

So as the 31st approaches, we have the second chemo treatment, more vet visits (poor Pax — he’s still struggling to stand up for more than a few seconds right now, but we’re hopeful), school work and company coming to stay.

Thirty-one things to do today, and here I sit. Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday!

Much love to you, fiends.


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23 July, 2017 10:56 am

I’ll be dancing in July & December as you celebrate birth and love…and again on May 31, 2018 when you celebrate successful treatment / clean bill of health! <3


Rat Fink Reply:

Thanks Darice! That last part — that is definitely the plan!


Deb Clemons
Deb Clemons
24 July, 2017 3:58 pm

May 31,2018 look out teamthriller is heading for you!! Keep up the positive attitudes, it helps more than you know.:-D


Rat Fink Reply:

I love this comment! Thanks for being a real inspiration to us, Deb. You are a warrior yourself, and we’re delighted to have you on Team Thriller!