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More stupid jocks

That’s in addition to stupid actors, stupid musicians, stupid rappers, stupid investment bankers and stupid teachers, so don’t go hatin’ on the Fink, now.


Let’s see here. How shall I describe the latest felonious behavior of yet another in a long line of pro athletes who have too much cash and not enough gray matter? Hmmm. How about bizarre. Or you can come up with your own adjectives; I’m sure you will after reading the tale:

This is a Freightliner truck. Its cab is designed to hold four people. It was behind the wheel of this kind of truck that Miami Dolphins DE Randy Starks was found in Miami early Sunday morning, inching down Ocean Drive, in the company of not three other people (which would have maxed out the seating capacity), but thirteen — one of whom was sitting on Starks’s lap while he drove.

OK wait.

How do you cram 13 people in a truck cab designed for four? I’m still trying to wrap my reptilian brain around that little nugget, although according to the CNN report, police didn’t say whether or not Einstein was pulling a trailer. And furthermore – why a Freightliner truck?

Hey, I know. A party truck. Pull the trailer to a designated spot; park, party, binge/purge, repeat. Still doesn’t explain why the tags weren’t registered to that particular vehicle. Yikes.

Anyway, Starks was arrested because he refused to stop when police chased him down in bumper-to-bumper traffic on foot, banging on the windows and commanding him to get out. (I can only imagine what that looked like.) One officer almost got pancaked between the creepaway truck and another car. Delicious.

Starks posted the pocket-change bail ($10K) and walked. Now what do you want to bet: I say he gets the customary hand slap and sent back to the practice facility. A slick lawyer will show up in court and wave a wand and say a pretty speech, and brother will dance off, scot-free. Because just like Manny Ramirez had no earthly clue that he was taking female fertility drugs, I’m sure Mr. Starks’s defense attorney will argue that li’l Randy had no idea that police officers were hanging off — and banging on — his truck’s doors, yelling at him to stop, and besides, if some fool cop didn’t want to get smashed, he shoulda got the **** out the way. Sheesh.

Somewhere, Ray Lewis is laughing.

Fink out.

Image credit:; Miami Beach Police Department

Remember this.

Regardless of your opinions about war, keep in mind that somebody’s great-grandfather, grandfather, uncle, dad, brother or friend risked — and in many cases, gave — his life so you and I could pontificate on them. Thousands more still risk and give their lives, adding into the mix sisters, aunts, moms, etc. So there you go.

Today is a day not to proselytize, but rather to remember. Today, I honor my dad. Please feel free to add to my list and post the name, rank, branch and conflict of a veteran you loved who has passed away or was killed in action.

After that, have a picnic, hug your family, and enjoy the day. Cuz you gotta go to work tomorrow.



SN Charles A. Collins, United States Navy, USS SALEM, Korea

PrĂȘt pour changer?

Are you ready for a change? Am I?

I don’t mean a lifestyle or financial or paradigm change (although I’m ready for those, too), but rather, a more important one. Indeed, a deeper, more introspective question has chased me around for the last few days: Should I change the site design?

Yes, fiends. Heavy stuff. Should I ditch the kooky masthead, calming ocean colors and stately medieval background pattern? Should I go more…

  1. Wild/bold?
  2. Girly?
  3. Introspective?
  4. Businesslike?
  5. Goth?
  6. Cartoonish?
  7. Plain?
  8. Pastel?

Or should I do nothing at all? You know, don’t fix what ain’t broke to begin with? Leave well enough alone? I mean, don’t I have enough projects?

What would you have me do? Please cast your vote, for I covet your articulate and compendious thoughts. But respond soon; tempus fugit and all that.

We’re off to Kay & Bob’s today. The Thriller and Bob will put in a fence while Kay and I chat the afternoon away and make a picnic. Sounds like fair division of labor to me.



So amazing…

…it’s amazing.

Yeah, those annoying AutoTune-laced Kanye lyrics are still playing in my head. And for once, I am glad. I cannot stop thinking about the last-second (literally, there was one second left in the game) shocker from last night’s Cavs game. And even though LeBron is ever so slightly full of himself, I think that after the hat trick he pulled last night, he’s entitled.

The above article mentions the silence of 20,000+ fans at Quicken Loans Arena, when Mo Williams got set to inbound the pass for a desperation shot that surely wouldn’t go in, leaving the Cavs down 0-2 in the series. Well the silence (and resignation) was in full force in a lot of living rooms as well. I remember it like it was yesterday…er…OK, it was yesterday, whatever. I was sitting on my sofa, with the remote pointed, ready to angrily turn off the TV when the Cavs’ last-ditch effort didn’t pan out. I mean, we needed a 3-pointer to win, with one second left on the clock. I was just praying for a jumpshot to maybe tie the game and send it into overtime.

And then, this.

Heh. So amazing.

Happy Saturday!

Welcome, Justin

First – thank you to everyone who sent good wishes via their comments, emails and text messages yesterday. I heart you all! It was a great day all around, even though by the end of it, Grammie Fink and Grandpa Thriller were reminded of the reason why people usually have toddlers in their 20s and 30s. Nevertheless, we had a ball spending the day with Jake (aka, The Little Engine That Did, Does, and Always Will).

So without further ado: Justin Nicolas, 8 lbs., 3 oz. (Photos are clicky.)

The happy couple with Justin

Checking out Grandpa Thriller (sorry about the grayscale...long story)

He's Grammie's boy

Big brown eyes

Justin checks out Uncle Lars

Sleep baby

It was interesting to watch Jake with Justin. Initially, he wasn’t too thrilled; he didn’t want much to do with him. Later, however, he warmed up and was actually curious about him. Big day for big brother as well…

Big brother Jake waits for Rousseau so we can leave

Grandpa finds a stethoscope

Getting some much-needed Daddy time

So it was a fabulous day, and I appreciate the luv you’ve shown me and my fam. (RD, it was great to run into you at the hospital! Thanks for going to see the kids.)

Avast — it’s Finkday already. I might have to party. Can I get an amen, there, Lars?? :-)

Have a most excellent day, fiends. You’re the beast.