13 May, 2013
Rat Fink

Actually, it’s nine (kids don’t have school on Thursday; teachers have an inservice day), but really…who counts? Besides me, I mean?

I hope everyone had a fantastic Moms Day here in the US yesterday. Did you? What all did you do?

I was treated to three visits throughout the day, with some gorgeous flowers that are sweetening the air in the house, making it smell like spring really has arrived. I saw all three of my grandsons — it was a marvelous afternoon!

One month from today, we will be on the road from Mississippi to Dallas, where we’ll spend an awesome weekend with BoomR. He’s having me sit in for a couple numbers at his gig at swanky Chamberlain’s Steak & Chop House too, which will be more fun than I’m sure is lawful.

But first: the May Funnel. Performances this Thursday, next Monday, and the Sunday after that. Then we can think about other stuff.

It’s go time. Have a goody.

Fink, TCB

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13 May, 2013 7:03 am

YAY AND YAYS, 10 more days!! I’m so excited for you and Thriller. Well, for me, too. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful pictures of your adventure. I had a very nice Mother’s Day, too. It started with your lovely sister gift to me! I’ll be reading for a good long time. I got to talk with all three of my sons, (Tim got me three books) and my dearest friend, J, brought me a beautiful, hanging floral basket! I had a lovely dinner and the guys cleaned the kitchen for me afterwards! It was great. Hope you… Read more »

14 May, 2013 9:14 pm

Yaaaaaay on you sitting in with me. But doll, “a couple numbers??” – Yeaaaahhhh… how about like a set??!! :-)


Rat Fink Reply:

Yahoo, Mountain Dew! Sounds like a blast!